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String Functions


The WPN\Support\Stringable class provides various methods for manipulating string values.

Available Methods


The Stringable::headline method will convert strings delimited by casing, hyphens, or underscores into a space delimited string with each word's first letter capitalized:

use WPN\Support\Stringable;

$headline = Stringable::headline('foo_bar');
// Foo Bar

$headline = Stringable::headline('helloWorld');
// Hello World


The Stringable::title method converts the given string to title case:

use WPN\Support\Stringable;

$converted = Stringable::title('a lowercase title to convert');
// A Lowercase Title To Convert


The Stringable::slug method generates a URL friendly "slug" from the given string:

use WPN\Support\Stringable;

$slug = Stringable::slug('WordPress Neon');
// wordpress-neon


The Stringable::replace method replaces a given string within the string:

use WPN\Support\Stringable;

$replaced = Stringable::replace('1.0', '2.0', 'WordPress Neon 1.0');
// WordPress Neon 2.0


The WPN\Support\ucsplit method splits the given string into a collection by uppercase characters:

use WPN\Support\Stringable;

$array = Stringable::ucsplit('Foo Bar');
// array('Foo', 'Bar');